SafePassage Solutions

Gate Access Control System for Neighborhoods Everywhere

  • Virtual guard services specializing in HOA neighborhoods and Apartments
  • License plate recognition for visitor and residential traffic
  • Choose from our different packages to create the ultimate Enterprise Gate Access Control System for your Community

Gate Control Software

Take the best of Neighborhood Access Control and create a solution that matches your communities needs

SafePassage is an enterprise gate access control system for gated communities. SafePassage was built to serve HOA neighborhood communities and Apartments. This means we have a system that specifically caters to residential community members and visitors. We offer several packages to support an array of uses cases:

  • Provide Access Control software to existing on-site guards
  • Provide low-cost Virtual Guards
  • Provide access control concierge services
  • Provide unattended License Plate Recognition used for access control
  • Provide mobile apps to residents for visitor management
  • Provide simple, low, and competitive pricing
  • Live telephone support 24/7/365

The SafePassage team has worked closely with security guards and HOA property managers in creating the ultimate cutting-edge cloud-based affordable gated visitor access control management solution while offering unfailing customer service and competitive rates. Allow us to assist you in establishing a reputation consistent with your community’s goals and desires with a software and hardware integration system that is highly customizable to fit your needs.  

Virtual Guard | ALPR System | Visitor Management System

If you like what you are reading so far. Please take a minute to watch the 2-minute video above were we give a brief illustration of all of our products.

SafePassage Virtual Guard

Using advanced next generation technology our virtual guards can see live traffic and can converse with visitors as they come through the access point and easily authenticate and authorize access using the SafePassage access control software.  Allow our remote security guards an opportunity to save your community money. Our attendants can perform many of the same duties an onsite guard can.

virtual gated community | remote security guard
Virtual Gated Community

visitor management system for apartments
hoa gates | how to turn your neighborhood into a gated community | gate control software | web based visitor management system
Visitor Management System

SafePassage On-site Attendant

On-site attendants can use the SafePassage visitor management system to manage access at any access point. SafePassage On-site Attendant allows on-site attendants or guards the tools to track, store and control visitor access control information at HOA communities and Apartments.

Vehicle recognition | automatic vehicle identification by plate recognition | vehicle recognition system
ALPR System

SafePassage License Plate Recognition

SafePassage License Plate Recognition system is installed at the access point and is used to automate the process of capturing a vehicle license plate for access control purposes. Our License Plate Recognition system can be used for attended and unattended access control for both the visitor and residential lanes. SafePassage Residential and SafePassage Voice can be used in conjunction with SafePassage LPR to provide the full access control experience.

SafePassage Residential

This visitor management system allows the residents the ability to authenticate visitors.  Residents will have the ability to authorize visitors using their SafePassageMobile app or through SafePassage Voice.     Residents that opt out of using the mobile app can use SafePassage Voice Services to open a physical gate when needed.

visitor management system for apartments
HOA gates | how to turn your neighborhood into a gated community | gate control software
Visitor Management System

ALPR System | license plate recognition systems

Vehicle Recognition software using automated License Plate Recognition for visitor management. Break into the the future and use our LPR as access control for your residential lane.


Gated community access control software for residents. Gives residents the ability to authorize visitors using our SafePassageMobile app and it optionally gives residents the ability to remotely open the gate

On-site Attendant

Visitor Management system for onsite guards. Gives guards the ability to navigate all aspects of visitor management for gated communities. Provides residents with the ability to update their visitor list.

Virtual Attendant

Cut your cost by more than half using a Virtual Guard visitor management system. Our attendants are live and will respond immediately to guest. Our attendants can take phone calls from residents and can act just like a live guard through our Kiosk.