Residential Visitor Management System

Residential Visitor Management System

Visitor Management From Your Home

Residential Visitor Management System

The SafePassage Residential Visitor Management System allows residents to update their visitors and residential contact information. This system is available in Android and Apple app stores.

In addition to offering Visitor Management apps, we have a 24/7/365 concierge service available to residents who want to avoid using mobile apps. Residents can call us any time and make updates to their visitor management profile. A 24/7/365 concierge service works well in all demographics, offering everyone a viable option for visitor management.

Visitor Management System | Virtual Guard

Visitor Management | SafePassage Residential

Visitor Management System


SafePassage Residential includes the following features:

  • Visitor Management. Allows you to add your visitor’s information.
  • Text message Notification Management. Allows you to enable text message notifications for specific phone numbers.
  • Remote Gate Entry. This feature allows the ability to open the gate in unique scenarios remotely.
  • One-Time Entry. It allows its users to send visitors a ‘One Time Entry,’ which in turn allows that visitor entry into the community one time that day.



Looking for software for your existing Security Guards or Gate Attendants? SafePassage On-site Attendant gives guards the ability to navigate all aspects of visitor management for gated communities and can be used on tablets for portability.



Vehicle Recognition software using License Plate Recognition for visitor management.


Virtual Attendant

Break into the future and save money using our virtual remote security guards.