Virtual Guarding

Virtual guarding, often known as remote video monitoring, is a cutting-edge method of safeguarding businesses and commercial facilities.  It eliminates the requirement for on-site security camera monitoring personnel.  Remote video surveillance can help keep a business, gated community, or commercial property safe and secure.  It can also eliminate the need for costly on-site physical securityContinue reading “Virtual Guarding”

Automatic License Plate Recognition

What is ALPR? ALPR or LPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) systems take an image of the vehicle’s license plate and convert it to binary digits using optical character recognition.  ALPR uses 360-degree cameras and object recognition technology. Vehicle plate numbers can be transformed from simple images to textual data throughout this process. There are twoContinue reading “Automatic License Plate Recognition”

How to turn your neighborhood into a gated community

  If you’ve watched the traffic in your neighborhood increase and are concerned about your family’s safety or are simply tired of solicitations and want higher property value, you may want to consider turning your neighborhood into a gated community.  Gated communities can offer a sense of privacy, increased security, higher property values and enhanced communityContinue reading “How to turn your neighborhood into a gated community”