About us

The SafePassage Team

The team at SafePassage Solutions is focused on providing an easy to use seamless visitor access control system that is affordable. We bring an inordinate level of expertise to the table, which includes Microsoft Certifications and over 40 years of active experience in the industry of programming that spans many different programmatic languages and tools. Today, with the ever changing evolution and demands of technology needs our team continues to stay abreast of the different trends, needs and problems that arise as new products are delivered by folks like Apple and Microsoft. And as a testament to our implementation of technology we have been able to utilize some of the most up-to date proven technologies currently available on the market thereby arming ourselves with some of the best security methodologies, while enjoying amazing transactional speed in our applications. One of our most compelling benefits…for our clients is our utilization of the ‘Cloud’. As part of a changing I.T Industry many companies have started to turn to the ‘Cloud’ for storage rather than hiring more IT staff to run, maintain and monitor on site servers. As a result of this ‘Cloud’ implementation, we have been able to cut out an entire layer of I.T Staff allowing us to have the competitive rates we currently have. Allow us to become your visitor access control software provider!