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Web based visitor management system

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SafePassage On-Site Attendant

SafePassage On-site Attendant is a web based visitor management system that offers cloud based benefits like:

  • Cost Savings
  • Mobility and Realtime Updates
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Quality Control, Disaster Recovery and Data Loss Prevention
  • Automatic Software Updates

The system offers visitor management capabilities for the guards, HOA board members, property managers and residents. Each application is specifically tailored for each each user group.

Guards or attendants will have full visibility into all residential visitor information and will have the ability to update visitor and residential information as needed. Guards can do the following things form on-site guard:

  • Print guest passes
  • Record each visitor (log entry)
  • Search community information with ease
  • Make phone calls directly from the visitor management system
  • Leverage the visitor management system as the gate opener
  • Track and update detailed contact information for visitors and residents
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HOA board members and Property managers will have all the same capabilities as the guards or attendants. In addition, to onsite-guard we have additional features that allows for user management, configuration and reporting.

On-site attendants can use the SafePassage Suite to manage access at any access point.



Installed at the access point and is used to capture tag information for authorization.



Residents will have the ability to authorize visitors using the SafePassageMobile app or through SafePassage Voice.


Virtual Attendant

This service provides visitor access control via remote attendants for a fraction of the cost of an on-site guard.