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SafePassage Residential

Visitor Management From Your Home

What can you do?

We have a platform that was built with the residential user and community in mind. We offer total flexibility on platforms that can be used to perform visitor management.

Residential users are able to make updates from our mobile apps on Apple or Android and can also make updates from any browser.

Our visitor management system offers the ability to do the following:

  • Manage Visitors
  • Manage Visitor and Residential License Plates
  • Manage Phone Numbers
  • Enable texting capabilities
  • Gate Opener capabilities

This video takes you on a tour of SafePassage Residential. It shows you how SafePassage Residential makes visitor management an easy process for everyone by walking you through all the features.


On-Site Attendant

Commercial and residential gate access control for on-site attendants. Complete visitor management system for security gate systems. Used to seamlessly control visitor management at any access point.



Vehicle Recognition software using automated License Plate Recognition for visitor management.


Virtual Attendant

Break into the future and save money as a virtual gated community by using remote security guards.