Visitor Access Control
Software for Gated

SafePassage Guard

SafePassage Guard is the heart of our visitor access control solution and is used by Security Guards and members of the Residential Management Community. It is a highly intelligent user interface that allows Security Guards and/or Gate Attendants to navigate and capture data with absolute ease.

What visitor information is collected?

Using the Gate Access Control System starts with the check-in process. The Visitor is asked to present their driver’s license. Information from the driver's license is used to retrieve the guest information. The collection of visitor information is inputted and updated by Security Guards, Members of the HOA and/or Residents of the Community.

The collection of Visitor Information is inputted and updated by Security Guards, HOA and/or Residents in real-time! We have found through close monitoring of this Access Control System that the following data points are important.

  • Visitor Basic information
  • Access Information (Period of time the visitor is allowed into the Residential Community)
  • Alerts (critical information pertaining to the visitors)
  • Vehicular Information

What else can you do with this Visitor Access Control System?

The SafePassage Guard module tracks information intelligently. It is able to predict different pieces of data according to visitor history. Because of this tracking. the Security Guard or gate attendant does very little data entry. SafePassage Guard guides the user to search for the visitor information necessary for entry.

  • Visitor traffic intelligently tracked
  • Custom reports
  • Critical alert notifications
  • Search for visitors with ease
  • Administrative permission sets for different levels of personnel
  • Web-Based Software you can access from anywhere Software-As-A-Service(“SAAS”)